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Innovative medical cancer treatment hubs exist across Australia and overseas. The Grace Gawler Cancer Survivorship and Wellness Institute P/L is ready to help you access these Minimally Invasive treatments Now!

Don't let Your Prostate Cancer be the One that Gets Away!

Prostate Cancer Navigation – Ahoy! You don’t have to go it alone Mate.

 You can benefit by having an expert prostate cancer navigator by your side – a cancer pioneer who has guided 1000s of patients like you through the complex cancer maze.

Did you know your tumour DNA data can be identified and mapped? DNA testing can make a significant difference to your survivorship and forms the basis of a scientific qualified second opinion.

Why you need a prostate cancer navigator: With your diagnosis,  imagine you are now the captain of your own Cancer Survivor-Ship. You are sailing in uncharted waters – as a first timer! That is why you can benefit greatly from the guidance of an independent cancer navigator with almost half a century of cancer guidance experience. Like thousands of patients before you, she can help you prepare your survivor-ship for the journey by arranging DNA testing, a qualified second opinion, as well as a personalised suite of minimally invasive treatment options for you to consider. 

The Grace Gawler Institute offers various levels of prostate cancer navigation services.
We suggest beginning with a video consultation with Grace to ascertain your needs.

Helping you make informed decisions

We exist to help you make the best choices:

You are unique Grace Gawler InstituteThe Grace Gawler Institute’s point of difference in helping you manage and recover from prostate cancer is our unique, dedicated and personalised approach aimed at minimising “normal” treatment side effects such as radiation fibrosis, incontinence, bowel issues and erectile dysfunction and of course, attending to the psychological impact of your diagnosis. The latter can go unaddressed for years causing significant depression and emotional trauma.

Cure? Some prostate cancers are cured by radiation and surgery; but this often comes at a cost; lifelong side effects diminish life quality and often place significant relationships under continual duress.

When your prostate cancer is first diagnosed, my almost half century of experience informs me that it is important for you, the patient, and your partner, to do your due-diligence regarding what to expect after treatment. You need to seriously consider likely side effects – both short term and long term before treatment commences. It is a risk vs benefits equation and you need to be comfortable with having had your questions answered adequately and any potential outcomes discussed in depth.

This is your one precious life – would you purchase an insurance policy from the first company you called – hopefully, you would “Compare the Market” before making your choice.

The Grace Gawler Institute, over many years, has formed a network of national and international specialists who can provide you with innovative minimally invasive options, including options to avoid bowel damage during any required radiation therapy.

Our expert colleagues can provide you with a second or third opinion; then you can make a Health Restoration Plan with the help and guidance of your personalised Cancer Navigator.

Explore New Dimensions in Personalised Prostate Cancer Treatment:

We will help you access Innovative Hi-Tech Personalised Prostate Cancer Solutions:

*How personalised is your prostate cancer treatment approach right now? 
*Would you like to explore how we can help you to access a personalised approach?

What we offer:

*Patient-Centred Care – the Personalised Way: Includes lifestyle advice, personalised nutrition plans based upon gene testing plus drug sensitivity profile testing (PGX – your one test for life)

*Early Stage Prostate Cancer – the Personalised Way:
You can benefit from a second opinion, genomic diagnostics, targeted treatments, a range of minimally invasive procedures; hi-tech medical approaches that minimise damage to healthy tissue.

*Advanced Prostate Cancer – the Personalised Way:

You can also benefit from state of the art-hi-tech treatments that can effectively target bone metastases that result from prostate cancer. If you have failed conventional treatments, there may still be life preserving solutions for you. Genomic diagnostics can assist with discovering targeted medicines.

The Grace Gawler InstituteNEW TESTING AVAILABLE  Contact for info:

Gut bacteria and Your Prostate Cancer Health  – the Personalised Way:
The type and composition of your gut bacteria may influence the metabolism of certain nutritional compounds from your diet. This may increase your prostate cancer risk and also possibly progression. High intake of calcium in dairy products, over consumption of red meat and fat have been linked to increase prostate cancer risk or progression.

Your gut bacteria have a key role in digestion & metabolising the foods we consume:

Excess of the wrong type of foods can alter gut bacteria. But conversely; eradicating certain food groups from our diet can also starve our resident gut bacteria. It is a balancing act!
Imbalance of plant-based foods, dairy and grain products and fats can alter the balance of gut bacteria leading to generation of inflammatory molecules, which in turn can influence cancer development.

Antibiotics: Another issue for gut microbiome is treatment with antibiotics, that although necessary to treat infections; cause drastic imbalances in resident gut bacteria. A reduced diversity profile of usually resident microbiomes can lead to an overgrowth of bacteria that promote inflammation and prostate cancer.

Explore LACTIS (an abiotic – more effective than probiotics) to nourish and increase numbers of healthy resident gut bacteria.

Don’t go it alone!

In your video consultation with Grace Gawler you’ll receive detailed advice on how YOU can more effectively and safely, navigate the complex prostate cancer maze.

How to proceed with Personalised Prostate Cancer Treatment:

How to Proceed:

Step 1.
Arrange a video consultation with our therapeutic director, Grace Gawler, who will assist you to design your health restoration plan – click here.

Step 2.
Based on the outcome of your video consultation, you may wish to join our Prostate Cancer Survivorship Care Plans   click here 

Innovative Cancer Treatment ‘Hubs’

The Process of Cancer Treatment Innovation:
Breakthrough Treatments do not just simultaneously appear in all our major hospitals. Rather; innovative treatment hubs come first and lead the way. 

These innovative hubs offer highly effective minimally invasive treatments often providing a second chance at life for many patients. This has been our speciality for many decades.

Introducing the Prostate Mates Therapeutic Team

Prostate Mates leader is Pip Cornall,  director & co- founder of the Grace Gawler Institute. Pip’s background includes PE and Outdoor Ed teacher, court mediation, juvenile justice, prison programs, men’s emotional health, yoga therapy & outdoor programs for cancer patients. 

In 2012 we received a grant from Queensland rail, (now Aurizon) which enabled us to establish our website and services. Prostate Mates has presented education and awareness programs in Alice Springs, Mount Isa, Mt Tambourine & the Gold Coast.

Due to Covid 19 all prostate Mates programs are currently presented via Internet services

Grace Gawler – Master Practitioner

Founder Grace Gawler Institute (2010) and previous co-founder of the Gawler Foundation (Vic 1981)
Over 48 years cancer strategies experience across a wide range of cancer related disciplines

  • Grace Gawler – Cancer Navigator, Patient advocate – Grace Gawler DHM (dist) DBSc ATMS Mem IPOS…. naturopath, herbal medicine, nutritional forensics, psycho-oncology, case management
  • Oncology – We collaborate with an alliance of leading oncology specialists across Australia and around the world (their names are confidential for obvious reasons)