About Prostate Mates

As Cancer Navigators, we help you safely navigate the complex prostate cancer maze. Prostate Mates is a Grace Gawler Institute Initiative. (Gold Coast)…

prostate-cancer-awareness-month1We offer you the best of modern Precision Medicine supported by targeted complementary medicine. We advise on best treatment options & can refer you to genomic testing (Aust) & leading clinics nationally & internationally for optimal outcomes.

Other institute services include personalised exercise & nutritional guidance, stretch therapy, stress solutions, pain management, psychological & emotional coaching.

Referrals & Medical Services
Case Management, Surgery including robotic, PSMA scans, Choline PET/CT scans, Hormonal Management, Immune System Measurement & Timing of Treatment, Immunotherapy, Personalised Prostate Cancer Vaccines, Professional Hyperthermia (not available in Australia) Complementary Medicines


Prostate Mates - You don't have to go it alone mate