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Are you lost in the complex and bewildering cancer maze?

Are you diagnosed with cancer, feeling confused and in need of guidance? 

Are you frustrated by the oncologist’s watch and wait approaches?

Have your doctors said there’s “nothing more we can do?”  

Do you have a rare, difficult or stage IV cancer? Could you use a 2nd opinion?

Would you explore an approach that could give you a second chance at life?

We stand ready to help you…

We assist patients to access exceptional high-tech treatments personalised for you (precision medicine).  We believe patients; even stage IV patients, can extend their lives, improve quality of life – even achieve remission. We certainly believe patients have a right to try!

How we help you: Via our Global Cancer Navigation Service, we refer you to expert cancer doctors in our global medical alliance. We guide/advise you through the process supporting your journey with science-based genomically targeted botanicals. (Scroll page)

Important: We help our patients access breakthrough innovative treatments in accredited overseas hospitals & clinics. These are not routinely available in countries like Australia, Canada, NZ, & the UK. Scroll page for more info.

Our global cancer navigation service is built upon one important fact…

Cancer treatments are not equal worldwide – rules, protocols, equipment & medicines differ internationally.

This means that every day we are able to help stage IV patients, patients with rare or difficult to treat tumours, access high-tech treatments via our global medical alliance.  

Most had previously been told by their hospitals “there is nothing more we can do.” 

With our global cancer navigation service – palliative patients often become curative patients. 

Precision medicine & the Genomic Era: 

The cancer treatment revolution

We help our patients access Precision Medicine – targeted, minimally invasive treatments, not yet routinely available in most hospitals:

Genomic diagnostic and screening tests can accurately identify targeted treatments for cancer patients. 

The tests lay the foundation for precision medicine, also called personalised or targeted medicine.

As a bonus: pharmacogenomic tests can determine whether the patient can metabolise (digest/absorb) the identified target treatment successfully.

These two tests have revolutionised cancer medicine with targeted treatments achieving better outcomes with minimal side effects.

We understand if our service sounds too good to be true?

We invite you to explore these remarkable stage IV patient testimonials – click here

If these 10 true stories inspire you please contact us and we can start your Health Restoration Journey by sending your medical history to our overseas experts for a second opinion.

There are many exceptional cancer doctors in our global alliance.

Leaders in their fields, they are not restricted by local hospital protocols or financial constraints.



Who are we and why are we so ideally positioned to help you?

I’m Grace Gawler, cancer navigator and patient advocate. My husband Pip Cornall and I, are directors of the Grace Gawler Institute for Integrated Cancer solutions.

For 3 decades I have referred patients overseas for high-tech cancer treatments which includes an amazing blood-based immune therapy. See Testimonials

It’s rewarding but complex work requiring a close relationship between doctors, patient, their families and myself.

I have 43 years’ experience with over 18,000+ cancer patients. I was a caregiver for a cancer patient (22 yrs), co-director of 2 cancer charities (20 yrs), an international speaker & author of 4 cancer books. For over four decades, I’ve worked closely with expert oncologists across Australia and overseas.

I’ve had 6 life-extending overseas surgeries: Netherlands (2002/3/), Singapore (2009/14). I am now colostomy/ileostomy bag free thanks to my bionic colon device. It was a world first; however my Australian doctors had unanimously discouraged me from trying.

Our patients consistently defy Clinical Expectations.

Exceptional Responders: Most of our patients had advanced cancer, yet achieved excellent outcomes. The majority received a special immune therapy made from their own blood or cells – minimally invasive – minimal side effects. 

To celebrate these consistent successes we formed an exceptional survivor’s group; the Grace Gawler Institute Christmas Club.

Jeffrey Deslandes, a 12 year survivor of stage IV non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma, thanks to cancer vaccines, is patron of our Christmas club. For more information…

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If these stories inspire – you can arrange a Skype Consultation (buttons below). If required, I can fast track your appointment.

In the consultation, we’ll examine your medical history and begin your Health Restoration Plan. Based on your history – I’ll discuss treatment options with you. I predict you’ll be amazed since most patients say; ‘I wish I found you sooner.’

Next:  For continuity, convenience and cost efficiency, we advise registering for a Cancer Navigation Package. (Brown button below) This commitment underpins the complex  organisation and international collaborations required to give you a second chance at life.

Targeted Botanicals and Precision Wellness.

I can also support your cancer treatments with coordinated-targeted botanicals, (when appropriate).

This requires an in-depth knowledge of herb-drug, food-drug and other interactions – one of my strengths.

Our Precision Wellness Program helps you maintain gains from your overseas treatments, minimise risk of recurrence, contribute to longevity & well-being.
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Cancer Knowledge = Patient empowerment 

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Targeted Treatments – Minimally Invasive – Low Toxicity

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