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Patient Testimonials:?All Grace Gawler Institute testimonials are medically verifiable. Photos are omitted to protect patient privacy. If the patient is deceased this is noted in the update. We know many patients place much faith in testimonials. However; we’re aware of many internet testimonials that are not updated – and where the patient is now deceased.

1. Melinda – Gold Coast – Australia – 9 February 2019

At 35 years of age, happily married mother of 2 young children, I was diagnosed with terminal colon cancer with no symptoms.? It turned my world upside down.?? When notifying some close friends of my prognosis, they shared personal details of their own terminal cancer battle within their family and the successes they?d been having against the odds.? They gave us hope and what was to become the most critical support advice I have received in my cancer battle. ?They recommended that I contact The Grace Gawler Institute immediately.? My husband made contact the day after my prognosis, and after an initial consultation I committed to the Navigation Package and it has proven to be the BEST decision in my journey.? One of the first things Grace said to me was ??the word terminal is for buses…? and from that moment it flicked a switch within me and set the positive mindset I need to fight the cancer beast.?

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The Navigation Package has included Grace?s consultations with me throughout my ongoing cancer journey and helped to establish the best path and options available to me not just within Australia but globally. Due to her meticulous attention to detail and intricate knowledge of my medical records, Grace walks me through the overwhelming and complicated maze of well-intended suggestions and information I receive from many people, and determines whether it is something that will enhance or be a risk to my personal situation.? Grace explains in layman?s terms my hospital and oncologist consultations and personalizes any advice or targeted value-add treatments for me based on my specific genetic make-up.? Grace inspires me to confront the cancer, as opposed to fearing it.

I have been fortunate that hospital-based chemotherapy treatment has so far had a positive affect on me in reducing my cancerous cells, but it has come at a big cost to my immune-system which was reduced to dangerous levels.? Without options in Australia to enhance my immune system, Grace reached out to her global network of innovative medical professionals and facilitated 3 weeks of ground-breaking, cutting-edge cell-based immunotherapy treatment for me overseas. ?My immune system is now recovering and enhanced to continue my fight against and management of the cancer.? There is no chance this would have happened without the guidance of The Grace Gawler Institute.

For anyone that has experienced cancer it is at first both frightening and extremely complicated; due to her thoroughness and dedication to my fight and ability to pull all information together and understand the overall picture, Grace knows my personal cancer and treatment better than anyone (including the treating oncologists) and can consistently give such sound advice.? I highly recommend The Grace Gawler Institute?s Navigation Package to anyone who is prepared to leave no stone un-turned in the search for the best outcome for their cancer journey.?Melinda (Gold Coast, Australia) Update Feb 2019. Melinda is working closely with Grace for monitoring and to prevent any recurrence.?

2. Ben – Brain Tumour Glioblastoma Stage IV Wildtype -??Diagnosed ? 3/6/17 – NSW Australia

My wife and I were directed to Grace by another patient. This patient was diagnosed with terminal cancer and given six months to live. This was 5 years ago so we were impressed! I was diagnosed with a grade IV Glioblastoma and with so many things happening medically it was an extremely stressful time. We purchased the Cancer Navigation (NAV) package and the very next day had a Skype session with Grace.?Prior to speaking with Grace, we had been told that there was no cure and treatment was limited to radiation and chemotherapy.?The first thing that stood out for us was Grace?s knowledge. Speaking to her for the first time was exciting as we realised there was hope.

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After our first consult Grace had given us greater understanding of my diagnosis and paved the way for my tumor sample to be analysed so we could begin precision medicine. The resulting report from Genomics has enabled Grace to be able to direct us to specialists, world wide, that have provided evidence based treatment specific to my cancer.

The NAV package enabled us to have numerous Skype meetings of all different lengths depending on the need at the time. We communicated many times via email and Grace provided us with a wealth of information including extensive research papers, websites and apps. Grace was able to provide options for treatment, but more importantly recommendations. It didn?t take long to place 100% trust in her.

We were well informed prior to beginning our first treatment recommended by Grace. This was in Japan. It was unbelievable service. We were in Japan for 5.5 weeks.

Whilst in Japan I experienced a seizure and some swelling of the brain that was the result of radiation I had in Australia. During these times it was like Grace was sitting beside my wife. She advised her what to do and communicated with the treating doctors in Japan on our behalf.

The care and support demonstrated went above and beyond anything we have experienced. Our treatment in Japan has also positively altered my treatment plan in Australia.?My last MRI showed shrinkage of the tumor, which remained after the tumor was removed.

I totally believe if it was not for the Cancer Navigation Package allowing us to have priority access to Grace and her wealth of knowledge, the MRI results would be very different. The NAV package is a must for anyone wanting priority access to life saving information.

Thank you. We look forward to working with you in the future! Ben & Laurenn. Update: Feb 2019. Although Ben has a very aggressive brain cancer, he is fit and well. He had a recurrence late in 2018 that required urgent action. An ex prime minister, DFAT (Foreign Affairs) and our institute worked hard to speed up the diplomatic process (treatment for foreigners protocols) from 6 weeks to 2 days. In Feb 2019 Ben received the most advanced brain cancer treatment in the world.? He is well and will soon receive cell based immune therapy with our colleagues overseas.?

Update from Ben’s wife, Laurenn – 15 Feb 2019: We have been on Cancer Navigation Packages with the Grace Gawler Institute for around 18 months now. My husband has stage IV glioblastoma and the Drs in Australia gave him less than 12 months to live. He is doing well and is outside all the medical statistics available for a stage IV glioblastoma. Australian doctors have been scratching their head and saying we are in uncharted waters, which is not so comforting. Grace and Pip from the Grace Gawler Institute have been able to provide comfort and reassurance. They always have answers to those unanswered questions that keep you up at night. They organised the world?s latest brain cancer treatment for us in Taiwan and with support from the Australian Government were able to fast track the diplomatic process from 30 days to 2 days since my husband Ben did not have time to wait for red tape. They can literally move mountains it seems. I was unable to go overseas with my husband due to needing to stay with our small children. Grace and Pip have been there every second of the way with updates for me and helping us navigate the complexities of brain cancer treatment overseas. It is almost like they were there with my husband giving me feedback on what was happening. I cannot recommend their services enough and wish this kind of treatment was standard care.?

3. Ngareta – Advanced (local spread) Rectal Adeno Carcinoma – 2017 – Sunshine Coast, Qld?

I cannot recommend Grace highly enough. Because of her, I’m now cancer-free. I was diagnosed last December, and didn’t know what to do. Luckily I found Grace, and I signed up for a cancer navigation package. I was totally opposed to having medical treatment, but she convinced me that that was the right way to go.

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I had chemo/radiation for 6 weeks, meanwhile I was supported by Grace with herbal & nutritional supplements. This made the whole experience much more tolerable, and now the cancer has gone! Under her guidance I’m on my way overseas shortly to get an amazing immune treatment, so it never returns. Grace is the best! UPDATE: May 2018 – Ngareta maintains good health – especially notable is the lack of nasty side effects common with this cancer type.??

4. Mark -?stage IV advanced breast cancer (Male) with lung mets – Brisbane, Australia -?June 2018?

I was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2006. I had a mastectomy and chemo. My cancer came back in 16 lymph nodes and both lungs. Australia had nothing new or promising to offer. They just gave me time and said I had a hard road ahead of me. So my wife started a Google search and came across Grace’s website. We joined a Survive & Thrive Cancer Navigaton Package. We have been dealing with Grace now for 4 years and I am doing extremely well.

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With Grace’s Cancer Navigation Package, Grace collaborates with various overseas doctors on our behalf, advising and monitoring all treatments in great detail and consistency.
Grace also arranges extensive genomic testing on your specific type of cancer which has never been offered to us previously.
This would all be an impossible task for us to do as we do not have the experience or knowledge that Grace has.
Grace has become a close friend to us now and I would not be where I am today if it wasn’t for all her hard work in finding the best successful treatments for me. I would highly recommend Grace to anyone trying to navigate the difficult cancer maze. Update: Feb 2019 Mark is exceptionally well. His immune system & bloods are in excellent shape.?