Our charity needed a low cost method to promote our 40 years of cancer service.

We wanted our sincerity & experience to stand out above the ‘white noise’ of Dr Google & overnight cancer cure celebrities.

Thus was born the Survivor-Ship which we called U-CAN-TRI…

Captain Pip, a director at the Institute, has been a lifelong outdoor education professional. It was only natural that he combined his love of sailing & canoeing with the quest to help more patients survive & thrive the cancer maze.

Assisted by a team of avid sailors, comprising two doctors (one retired), one engineer, and two boat builders (father & son) from Multi Marine Australia, the project began to take shape. Click here for the build story…

What we achieved has been to adapt an 18ft paddling canoe into a fast & stable sailing billboard to promote the institute’s message U-CAN-TRI. Can you spot the metaphors?

The craft embodies our message to patients…

  • make a worthy plan
  • engage a team of experts
  • be adaptable, creative & innovative
  • and above all, know U-CAN-TRI

U-CAN-TRI has already made an appearance at the Fadden Senior’s Expo in July 2015. This is the first of many planned appearances at yacht clubs and other venues throughout Queensland.

The yellow outriggers, carry the URL of our podcast website navigatingthecancermazeaustralia.org/ which feature interviews with leader cancer researchers & inspiring patients.

An offshoot of the radio shows is that it expands our cancer research & practitioner network.

Thus we are often able to ‘broker’ viable treatment solutions for patients once told there were no more options. We assist them via referrals to our podcast networks comprised of some of the brightest minds in cancer medicine.

Thus U-CAN-TRI, our little craft, may help extend the lives of many, many cancer patients.

Captain Pip & the Survivor-Ship