We offer a range of Skype consultations designed to optimise your physical and emotional health, before, during and after PC treatment.

Clients are suprised to discover there are many options to improve their situtation and making the prostate journey less difficult. For a consultation for management or referrals please visit our referrals page

We specialise in helping cancer patients design a personalised Health Restoration Plan.

Our approach is based on…

  • interpreting your medical information,
  • health history,
  • current (and past) treatments,
  • your emotional and psychological status,
  • nutritional background resilience,
  • work histories,
  • cultural background and much more….

Our approach is forensic and exploratory often yielding success and greatly increasing life quality. This collaborative approach with other health professionals also gives you confidence in our evidence and experienced based way of working.

Designing your Health Restoration plan requires a forensic approach – like putting together the pieces of a jigsaw-puzzle of your life. By using this comprehensive method you will see results, taking the guesswork out of your cancer recovery process. We use minimal supplementation – “not a one size fits all” approach. Your plan includes sensible nutritional recommendations.