Grace Gawler Institute

Trusted professionals in Cancer Health Care, our charity the Grace Gawler Institute for Cancer Survivorship and Research , QLD, Australia, has an established track record, a global clientele and expertise in local and overseas referrals. Consultations via Skype, phone or visit are available for people with cancer, colorectal issues or other health problems.

The primary directors are married couple Grace Gawler and Pip Cornallbox1image

Grace Gawler DHM (dist) DBSc ATMS Mem IPOS, has almost 4.5 decades experience in supportive care medicine for cancer patients.

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A Multi-Discipline Cancer Navigator & Strategist known for bridging the gaps between naturopathy and oncology, Grace Gawler created and co founded Australia?s first supportive and educative group systems for cancer patients. early 1980’s)

Grace also teaches psycho-oncology strategies for enhancing survivorship as well as collaborating closely with oncologists & doctors as well as patient education.

Having been in the role of carer for many years, then supporter for 18,000+ patients; plus her own survival crisis with a life challenging medical condition, Grace has a unique experience base to show others a way to recovery.

Grace found that evidence-based natural therapies can dramatically increase the effectiveness of cancer treatment and that conventional and natural therapies work powerfully when used together. Oncologists would often note that Grace’s patients ‘sailed’ through their chemo and radiation with reduced side effects and greater efficacy of the treatment.

Her work is acclaimed internationally. Contributor to numerous medical journals, Grace has authored 4 books on cancer recovery and motivation and hosts, as a free service, the weekly internet radio show – Navigating the Cancer Maze – on Voice America.

?Pip Cornall Dip Phys Ed

As well as being a Director of the Grace Gawler Institute, Pip is the principal Director/Founder of the ?Prostate Mates ? Let?s talk about it outdoors? program. He has developed other wilderness awareness programs such as ‘Yoga Downriver.’

Pip?s background includes physical education teacher and former surf lifesaver. Pip went on to study mediation and became a court mediator as well as a mediator in the Juvenile Justice systems of Oregon and NSW. He has written books on men?s emotional health and has studied communications & conflict resolution. He has combined these areas of his life with being a professional outdoor awareness educator and is a qualified Yoga teacher who works with cancer patients.

His contribution is especially valuable to all men with cancer who attend Institute programs.