Health Intelligence Australia

Cancer Management & Referrals at Health Intelligence Australia?

Health Intelligence Australia (HIA) is our medical practice based on the Gold Coast, offering cancer medicine & cancer case management with heart, skill and compassion in combination with evidence-based naturopathic science & proven complementary therapies.

HIA is the culmination of founder, Grace Gawler?s 40-yrs experience helping patients and families to navigate the cancer maze. In this time Grace more than established her reputation for trust and credibility in the field of supportive care cancer medicine.

A consultation with Grace alone or a co-consultation with Dr Whelan (click for bio) & Grace (click for bio) gives you; the patient, the advantage of a best of both worlds approach – complementary & conventional. Natutally this also extends to long term case management & sustaining your recovery.

HIA specializes in referrals & second opinions assisting patients diagnosed with early stage cancer to make the right choices for them. Our experience indicates that decision-making & outcomes are improved by informing patients of evidence-based resources at the first point of contact.

We know that the right intervention at the right time with the right practitioners can have an impact on patient safety, quality of care and your cancer survivorship!

HIA introduces a new model of cancer management and care by providing patients with:

  • Tools to critique & evaluate ?research? – especially internet based pseudo-science
  • Referrals – access to leading specialists in cancer health care (Nationally & Internationally)
  • Comprehensive Wellness and Health Restoration plans
  • Reduced side effects from chemotherapy & radiation
  • Personalised approaches ? medical, nutritional, pain management, emotional/psychological support
  • Cancer Strategies and psycho-oncology
  • Information and access to medical trials
  • International referrals where necessary
  • Scientifically credentialed naturopathy

Medical Brokering: Why the HIA medical practice is Unique.
With apologies to our medical colleagues. Generally speaking, oncologists seek oncological solutions – radio therapists prefer radiation solutions and naturopaths seek naturopathic solutions. To

Some of our colleagues are limited by hospital or state protocols. They may be prohibited from referring interstate or overseas. That is where HIA excels. Having worked collaboratively with oncologists & specialists, nationally and internationally for many decades, HIA is in a position to ‘broker’ or refer patients to the best person for your unique cancer treatment & recovery.

HIA is also an Educator.
Immunotherapy, immuno-score, dendritic cell therapy, multi-drug resistant gene. What do these terms mean for your longevity & survival? Undoubtedly a new skill set is required to enable patients navigate the ever shifting personalized cancer treatment maze. HIA is a medical practice that actually makes the effort to educate patients and helps you build these new skill levels – the skill set we call Health Intelligence

Men’s Emotional Health: For men who are dealing with emotional health issues ? particularly associated with a diagnosis of prostate cancer, Pip Cornall in association with either Grace Gawler or Dr Bruce Whelan GP; can assist you with resources, wise counsel, tools and referrals to help you make a recovery plan.

Patients benefit when practitioners collaborate.

Collaborative cancer medicine is more effective than the common fragmented approach but as we know such collaborations are rare!

Because Grace?s scientific method and experience in adjunct cancer medicine (complementary therapies) had earned respect in medical circles, she was able to build bridges and close collaborations with oncologists, surgeons and researchers. In this way Grace became an integral part of the medical team working for the benefit of the patient.

She believes wholeheartedly that when cancer is the illness; the naturopath should never work in isolation with a patient.

Patients further benefit from Grace's weekly radio show:
Grace’s charity (The Grace Gawler Institute) runs a weekly radio show which is globally unique. The interviews with pioneers in cancer medicine, require much research and understanding of the topics discussed. Running the show enables us to build bridges between researchers & clinicians speeding up the process of patient accessibility to trials. Patients can tune in each week to interface with the experts in cancer medicine and research. Visit Navigating the Cancer Maze – Weekly