New Treatments

You May be Surprised – The answer to cancer is in you!

It may be unleashed by immunotherapy Source:

Our Institute helps patients stay informed via?

  • ??? ?Access to the latest cancer treatment information & research
  • ??? ?Staying informed about the latest medical trials

One of our institute’s main roles is helping men navigate the NEW prostate cancer treatment maze. Helping you build the new health intelligence is necessary to enhance your cancer survivorship. It is a ultra modern scientific approach that includes immunotherapy, tri-functional antibodies, denditic cell therapy, proton beam therapy and when appropriate – TACE

This can mean thinking outside the ‘national’ treatment box if you? can afford it and thinking internationally.

We have a network of expert medical colleagues in many countries including Singapore, Germany, Japan, USA and the UK.

We communicate with many of these colleagues on a daily basis – on behalf of patients we referred there.

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