Jeffrey cured stage IV cancer with personalised vaccines

Jeffrey shares his success in the three minute video(below).

Note: The Grace Gawler Institute (Australia) helps patients around the world, access Personalised Cancer Vaccines. These are similar to, but improved versions of those used by Jeffrey Deslandes.


You can find more information about Jeffrey’s story here

You can buy his book ‘ From Cancer Good things Grow here.

The doctor in Brisbane Australia who administered Jeffrey’s cancer vaccines lost his funding and has ceased this program.

We contacted the developer of the vaccines (Asia – in use since 1990s, over 11,000 patients have been treated) and have been referring patients there for over three years.

Since then the outcomes have been quite remarkable. See testimonial page, Especially since most of the cancer patients who present to us are stage IV and have been told by their hospitals there is nothing more we can do. 

If you are interested in finding out if cancer vaccines are suitable for you we recommend the following pages.