Prostate Mates – On the Road:

Grace and Pip presented the Prostate Mates Program in Alice Springs, Mt Isa, Mt Tambourine and the Gold Coast.

Other program components include individualised nutritional guidance, stretch therapy, stress solutions, pain management, psychological and emotional coaching (psycho-oncology).

We present these components while having fun and feeding the spirit by connecting with places of beauty in nature. 

Visit the Male Challenge Initiative with Pip Cornall

The Grace Gawler Institute for Cancer Survivorship and Research (GGI) is a Health Promotion Charity. Pip Cornall, a director of the GGI is also the creator of “The Male Challenge” website and initiatives.

The Male Challenge specifically focuses on ‘mens health and wellbeing’ and is now affiliated with the GGI and Prostate Mates….

Formally a PE Teacher in Victoria and Queensland, Pip worked as an Outdoor Skills Educator in Australia and the USA.

Concerned by increasing school violence while living in the USA, Pip trained as a mediator and taught conflict resolution in Oregon schools and Juvenile prisons. Later he was a Youth Justice Convenor in NSW.

Pip is well trained and experienced in a broad range of skills relating to male wellbeing and health. Click here to visit the Male Challenge.