Vary your Diet

For a  comprehensive exploration of Nutrition and Lifestyle specifically for prostate cancer patients, we invite you to visit the pages (click links on right) on our main website. 

Prostate Cancer Navigation – Ahoy! You don’t have to go it alone Mate.

 You can benefit by having an expert prostate cancer navigator by your side – a cancer pioneer who has guided 1000s of patients like you through the complex cancer maze.

Did you know your tumour DNA data can be identified and mapped? DNA testing can make a significant difference to your survivorship and forms the basis of a scientific qualified second opinion.

Why you need a prostate cancer navigator: With your diagnosis,  imagine you are now the captain of your own Cancer Survivor-Ship. You are sailing in uncharted waters – as a first timer! That is why you can benefit greatly from the guidance of a cancer navigator with 46 years’ experience. Like thousands of patients before you, she can help you prepare your survivor-ship for the journey by arranging DNA testing, a qualified second opinion, as well as a personalised suite of minimally invasive treatment options for you to consider. 

The Grace Gawler Institute offers various levels of prostate cancer navigation services.
We suggest beginning with a video consultation with Grace to ascertain your needs.