Explore New Dimensions in Personalised Prostate Cancer Treatment with a Veteran Cancer Navigator:

Are you lost in the Prostate Cancer Maze?

We will help you access Innovative Hi-Tech Personalised Prostate Cancer Solutions:

*How personalised is your prostate cancer treatment approach right now?
*Would you like to explore how we can help you to access a personalised approach?

What we offer:

*Patient-centred care  the Personalised Way: Includes lifestyle advice, personalised nutrition plans based upon gene testing plus drug sensitivity profile testing (PGX)

*Early Stage Prostate cancer – the Personalised Way:
You can benefit from a second opinion, genomic diagnostics, targeted treatments, a range of minimally invasive procedures; hi-tech medical approaches that minimise damage to healthy tissue.

*Advanced Prostate cancer – the Personalised Way:

You can also benefit from state of the art-hi-tech treatments that can effectively target bone metastases that result from prostate cancer. If you have failed conventional treatments, there may still be life preserving solutions for you. Genomic diagnostics can assist with discovering targeted medicines.

Don’t go it alone!

In your video consultation with Grace Gawler you’ll receive detailed advice on how YOU can more effectively and safely, navigate the complex prostate cancer maze.