Precision Medicine

All treatment begins with a diagnosis. This is the important first step in both early stage cancer, recurrent cancers and any other diseases.

Medical Diagnosis is the art and science of determining the exact nature of an illness along with probable causative factors.

Precision Medicine depends on accurate diagnosis enabling further targeted diagnostic and treatment procedures.

At Health Intelligence Australia our practitioners, Grace Gawler, Dr Bruce Whelan and our associates, take the time and care to ensure that precision medicine is achieved for each patient.

This may involve referrals for second opinions.

Precision medicine impacts your health and health care. In precision medicine, data of all types, including who you are as a person; your lifestyle, occupation, circumstances as well as your genetic & molecular profile are all important aspects in understanding health and disease.

Often our Specialised Forensic Diagnosis takes normal medical approaches to deeper, more comprehensive levels.

Better Diagnosis = Better Treatment Outcomes

Working together, Dr Bruce Whelan, specialist GP and Naturopath Grace Gawler, draw upon 85-yrs of combined medical experience. This experience helps them assemble a appropriate evidence-based tests that take diagnosis to deeper levels and set the bar for forensic diagnosis.

This accurate diagnosis enables us to design an optimum health restoration plan – personalised for the patient.

Thus Forensic Diagnosis enables is a whole person approach to healing which includes medical, nutrition & lifestyle along with the important psychological & emotional aspects.

The term ?bio-individuality, alludes to our physical and psychological uniqueness.

It is logical that treatment and heal restoration plans must also be unique and this is where a forensic approach is superior