Prostate Mates Home

Prostate Mates Programs (Gold Coast, Qld), blend the best of modern precision or personalised medicine in Australia and Overseas. 

We inform and advise patients about treatment choices and make referrals to reputed clinics nationally and internationally. 

Other programs include individualised nutritional guidance, stretch therapy, stress solutions, pain management, psychological and emotional coaching (psycho-oncology) while having fun and feeding the spirit by connecting with places of beauty in nature.

The group leader is Pip Cornall, a director of The Grace Gawler Institute with a background in teaching, men’s emotional health, yoga therapy and outdoor programs.

Master Practitioner & Health Advisor – Grace Gawler, founder Grace Gawler Institute and co founder of the Gawler Foundation (Vic) – 40 years cancer strategies experience

Medical therapeutic team…

  • Grace Gawler – Cancer Navigator, patient advocate, naturopath, herbal medicine, nutritional forensics, psycho-oncology, case management
  • Pip Cornall – Yoga Therapy, Nutrition
  • Prof T Vogl – Advisor