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A more Natural approach to Cancer Immunotherapy:

Personalized Cancer Vaccines Can Activate the Immune System in Dogs and Humans:

2 Jan 2020: A story reported on ABC TV about a Rottweiler named Griffin highlights the efficacy of Personalized Cancer Vaccines to activate the immune system. Griffin was diagnosed with T-cell lymphoma in December 2017. Tumours were growing at a rapid rate and he was given three months to live.

Rather than the more traditional route of chemotherapy, Griffin was enrolled in a medical trial using a personalised immunotherapy treatment, designed to “wake up” his own canine immune system so it recognised his cancer as “foreign”. Griffin’s cancer was aggressive, and in a matter of weeks after first diagnosis and surgical removal, 11 more tumours appeared. A University of QLD PhD candidate & Vet took a tissue sample from one of Griffin’s tumours and created a personalised cancer vaccine for him.

Whatever your cancer diagnosis we can help you in 2020.

You can access personalised cancer vaccines via the Grace Gawler Institute Navigated Survivorship Care Plan. Includes referrals to world-class cancer treatments that may include combinations of…
Genomic diagnostics, targeted treatments, innovative & minimally invasive cancer treatments, innovative surgical options. 
Minimally invasive targeted radiation beam therapies and safe, effective cell based immune therapy (cancer vaccines)

Personalised Cancer Vaccines

Human Personalised Vaccine Story

Jeffrey Deslandes was diagnosed with Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma Stage IV with bone marrow infiltration in 1999; with challenging conventional treatments; he subsequently relapsed 4 times.

After his last relapse in 2006, Jeffrey started looking for emerging cancer therapies. He learned of an experimental treatment involving a personalised vaccine protocol.

It was now feasible to have something good—a personalised cancer vaccine—created from something bad—your cancer.

This one-of-a-kind vaccine re-educated his immune system so that it could identify and destroy his cancer. Listen to my interviews with Jeffrey Deslandes at 

Before reading more about Griffin’s success with personalised cancer vaccines – you may not be aware that there were Clinical Trials conducted in QLD for human patients in 2006 headed by an Brisbane based Haematology oncologist.

These Trials were based on hi-tech Japanese personalised vaccine technology. The vaccines delivered successful outcomes to several patients. One of the successful patients, Jeffrey Deslandes has gone public with his story and authored a book about his personalised cancer vaccine success titled “From Cancer Good Things Grow”. The book was launched in Jeffrey’s home town of Melbourne. I endorsed Jeffrey’s story by writing the Foreword.

Receiving treatment with a cancer vaccine made from specially prepared tumour tissue along with a patient’s own harvested immune cells, has been responsible for the success of many of the Grace Gawler Institute’s long-term cancer survivors. For those patients who could not provide a tissue sample, vaccines made from their own harvested, restored and empowered immune cells, has also delivered successful as well as partial responses.

The Grace Gawler Institute’s expert Professor & Cancer Immunologist in Japan has safely delivered 1000s of Personalised Vaccines to cancer patients since the early 1990’s. It’s safe, can be highly effective and it’s most affordable unlike the high cost of drug-based immunotherapy.

The Grace Gawler Institute's Colleague is described as the Father of Immuno-therapy in Asia

Like Jeffrey Deslandes in the story above whose cancer went into remission; Griffin the rottweiler’s tumour tissue was also processed in the laboratory & injected back into him as a vaccine that was administered each week for a number of weeks/months.

 After the course of vaccines, Griffin’s 11 cancerous tumours ‘disappeared’. He remains cancer free. Such vaccines are very, very personalised. The aim is to train the dog’s own immune system to recognise the cancer as “foreign” tissue and then start destroying it.” If you think about it – this process happens constantly in healthy animals and humans who do not develop cancer.

From Cancer Good Things Grow

An authentic cancer recovery story:
NOTE: All Grace Gawler Institute’s patient recovery stories are fact checked and verifiable.

Jeffrey Deslandes case has been medically verified and records are available. His documented diagnosis is recorded as B cell non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma, follicular mixed small and large cell, Stage IV, with bcl-2 gene translocation, spleen and bone marrow involvement. 

The service that Jeffrey was able to enlist to fight and cure his cancer is no longer available in Australia; however, at the Grace Gawler Institute, we refer our Navigated Clients to a hi-tech Japanese Scientific Institute, where safe personalised cancer vaccines are designed and created for you. Listen to Jeffrey’s interview at …

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