Second Medical Opinion

In 2nd opinion consults new treatment options are explored with ways to value add to your current treatments. We can refer you to a collegiate expert for further appraisal & fast tracking through the system.

  1. Side effects of chemo & radiation
  2. Personalised Nutrition
  3. Pain Management
  4. Satisfaction or lack of Communications with current Medical Practitioners
  5. Treatment options within Australia
  6. Treatment options overseas
  7. What to do after cancer?

you are uniqueYou are biologically and psychologically unique.

Therefore our personalized plans are tailored just for you…

  1. Reducing side effects for better quality of life
  2. A dietary plan that effectively for you – no extreme diets
  3. Reducing pain – pain often becomes the illness – see our doctor
  4. We help you to improve communication with your doctors
  5. Exploring other treatment options within Australia – sometimes other states have other options
  6. Deciding if you can benefit from Treatment in Germany or SIngapore
  7. Making a long term health restoration plan