Survivor Stories

Our exceptional cancer patients talk about their exceptional outcomes.

Most of these outcomes have been hard earned. They are the result of the patient’s tenacity, will to live and expert guidance provided by our cancer navigation services. Available to those enrolled in a Survive & Thrive Cancer Navigation Package from the Grace Gawler Institute.?

As well, many of the patients below received a special cell-based cancer vaccine overseas, in conjunction with their other treatments. The vaccine has been successfully used (in Asia) since the 1990’s with over 10,000 patients – little to no side effects. As a result, some of the patients experienced DNA repair to damaged genes that were driving their cancers.

Testimonial Ethics: All Grace Gawler Institute testimonials are medically verifiable. Photos are omitted to protect patient privacy. Where the patient is deceased there is no avatar icon and the death is noted in the update. This is rare.. We know patients place faith in testimonials, however;?there are many internet cancer testimonials that are not updated after death.

Testimonial for the Survive and Thrive Cancer Navigation Package:

1. Melinda – Gold Coast – 9 February 2019

At 35 years of age, happily married mother of 2 young children, I was diagnosed with terminal colon cancer with no symptoms.? It turned my world upside down.?? When notifying some close friends of my prognosis, they shared personal details of their own terminal cancer battle within their family and the successes they?d been having against the odds.? They gave us hope and what was to become the most critical support advice I have received in my cancer battle. ?They recommended that I contact The Grace Gawler Institute immediately.? My husband made contact the day after my prognosis, and after an initial consultation I committed to the Navigation Package and it has proven to be the BEST decision in my journey.? One of the first things Grace said to me was ??the word terminal is for buses…? and from that moment it flicked a switch within me and set the positive mindset I need to fight the cancer beast.?

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The Navigation Package has included Grace?s consultations with me throughout my ongoing cancer journey and helped to establish the best path and options available to me not just within Australia but globally. Due to her meticulous attention to detail and intricate knowledge of my medical records, Grace walks me through the overwhelming and complicated maze of well-intended suggestions and information I receive from many people, and determines whether it is something that will enhance or be a risk to my personal situation.? Grace explains in layman?s terms my hospital and oncologist consultations and personalizes any advice or targeted value-add treatments for me based on my specific genetic make-up.? Grace inspires me to confront the cancer, as opposed to fearing it.

I have been fortunate that hospital-based chemotherapy treatment has so far had a positive affect on me in reducing my cancerous cells, but it has come at a big cost to my immune-system which was reduced to dangerous levels.? Without options in Australia to enhance my immune system, Grace reached out to her global network of innovative medical professionals and facilitated 3 weeks of ground-breaking, cutting-edge cell-based immunotherapy treatment for me overseas. ?My immune system is now recovering and enhanced to continue my fight against and management of the cancer.? There is no chance this would have happened without the guidance of The Grace Gawler Institute.

For anyone that has experienced cancer it is at first both frightening and extremely complicated; due to her thoroughness and dedication to my fight and ability to pull all information together and understand the overall picture, Grace knows my personal cancer and treatment better than anyone (including the treating oncologists) and can consistently give such sound advice.? I highly recommend The Grace Gawler Institute?s Navigation Package to anyone who is prepared to leave no stone un-turned in the search for the best outcome for their cancer journey.?Melinda (Gold Coast, Australia) Update Feb 2019. Melinda is working closely with Grace to prevent any recurrence.?

2. Diane – Triple Negative?Stage IV Breast Cancer – Diagnosed 2015 -? New Zealand?

In 2015, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. I had a wide, local excision. Because my cancer is triple negative, meaning it will not respond to hormonal therapy, I was recommended to undergo chemotherapy and radiotherapy, which I did and it was not pleasant.?In 2017, it was found my cancer had returned and metastasised to the liver. As it was close to the hepatic vein, surgery was not an option. After scans, I was told by my oncologist that I had a life expectancy of 3 to 6 months, could be double that if I underwent chemotherapy.

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How fortunate for myself and family that we found this truly wonderful “Lady Grace” who is over brimming with knowledge, compassion, professionalism, but, above all, the love to give us a journey of hope.

Grace arranged for me to go to Japan, initially for immunotherapy and hyperthermia treatment, under the guidance of a wonderful doctor, who, like Grace, is one of a special kind of person. Unfortunately my final scan showed two further small tumours in my lymph nodes and one outside my stomach. I went to Koriyama, north of Tokyo, for proton beam therapy, a radiation beam targeted directly at the tumours. This nine week treatment was done under direction from an extremely knowledgeable Professor. I then returned to Tokyo for another two week round of immunotherapy.

I have been home in New Zealand for three weeks now and my tumours have significantly shrunk. I am still under the guidance of Grace who will continue to facilitate with all the experts in Japan in terms of scans and follow ups. I am also on a low dose oral chemotherapy drug that I brought back from Japan.

After each Skype call with Grace, I can feel the healing energy permeating through my body. It has been a long journey but, with my family’s support and love, we have a positive outlook for the future. We have a lot to be thankful for after finding the Grace Gawler Institute, and of course the tireless background work that Pip does. Together they make a beautiful team.Update Feb 2019. Diane is well and being monitored & guided through follow up treatments.

3. Ben – Brain Tumour Glioblastoma Stage IV Wildtype -??Diagnosed ? 3/6/17 – NSW Australia

My wife and I were directed to Grace by another patient. This patient was diagnosed with terminal cancer and given six months to live. This was 5 years ago! I was diagnosed with a grade IV Glioblastoma and with so many things happening medically it was an extremely stressful time. We purchased the Cancer Navigation (NAV) package and the very next day had a Skype session with Grace.?Prior to speaking with Grace, we had been told that there was no cure and treatment was limited to radiation and chemotherapy.?The first thing that stood out for us was Grace?s knowledge. Speaking to her for the first time was exciting as we realised there was hope.

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After our first consult Grace had given us greater understanding of my diagnosis and paved the way for my tumor sample to be analysed so we could begin precision medicine. The resulting report from Genomics has enabled Grace to be able to direct us to specialists, world wide, that have provided evidence based treatment specific to my cancer.

The NAV package enabled us to have numerous Skype meetings of all different lengths depending on the need at the time. We communicated many times via email and Grace provided us with a wealth of information including extensive research papers, websites and apps. Grace was able to provide options for treatment, but more importantly recommendations. It didn?t take long to place 100% trust in her.

We were well informed prior to beginning our first treatment recommended by Grace. This was in Japan. It was unbelievable service. We were in Japan for 5.5weeks.

Whilst in Japan I experienced a seizure and some swelling of the brain that was the result of radiation I had in Australia. During these times it was like Grace was sitting beside my wife. She advised her what to do and communicated with the treating doctors in Japan on our behalf.

The care and support demonstrated went above and beyond anything we have experienced. Our treatment in Japan has also positively altered my treatment plan in Australia.?My last MRI showed shrinkage of the tumor, which remained after the tumor was removed.

I totally believe if it was not for the Cancer Navigation Package allowing us to have priority access to Grace and her wealth of knowledge, the MRI results would be very different. The NAV package is a must for anyone wanting priority access to life saving information.

Thank you. We look forward to working with you in the future! Ben & Laurenn. Update: Feb 2019. Although Ben has a very aggressive brain cancer, he is fit and well. He had a recurrence late in 2018. An ex prime minister, DFAT and our institute worked hard to speed up the diplomatic process (treatment for foreigners protocols) from 6 weeks to 2 days. In Feb 2019 Ben the most advanced brain cancer treatment in the world.? He is well and will soon receive cell based immune therapy with our other colleagues overseas.?

Update from Ben?s wife Laurenn – 15 Feb 2019:

We have been on Cancer Navigation Packages with the Grace Gawler Institute for around 18 months now. My husband has stage IV glioblastoma and the Drs in Australia gave him less than 12 months to live. He is doing well and is outside all the medical statistics available for a stage IV glioblastoma. Australian doctors have been scratching their head and saying we are in uncharted waters, which is not so comforting. Grace and Pip from the Grace Gawler Institute have been able to provide comfort and reassurance. They always have answers to those unanswered questions that keep you up at night. They organised the world?s latest brain cancer treatment for us in Taiwan and with support from the Australian Government were able to fast track the diplomatic process from 30 days to 2 days since my husband Ben did not have time to wait for red tape. They can literally move mountains it seems. I was unable to go overseas with my husband due to needing to stay with our small children. Grace and Pip have been there every second of the way with updates for me and helping us navigate the complexities of brain cancer treatment overseas. It is almost like they were there with my husband giving me feedback on what was happening. I cannot recommend their services enough and wish this kind of treatment was standard care.

4. Carol – Advanced Stage 4 Metastatic Urothelial Cancer -? New Zealand

Grace saved my mums life. She read the medical files, had a Skype session with us, told us who could help, forwarded all files and a summary to those doctors, and kept in relatively good contact along the way. Not bad for $1200. Mums stage 4 cancer is now barely visible. Best of all she?s alive after NZ doctors said she had 3 months maybe a few more to live. That was back in 2017. Thank you. Carol’s Daughter. Update: Feb 2019 Carol is currently receiving proton beam treatment overseas


5. Rachel ? High-grade serous ovarian carcinoma stage IV ? diagnosed December 2015 – Australia

13 January – 2017 – Email update from Rachel:?
Just letting you know I had PET/CT scan and results yesterday and I am all clear.?I have No cancer!?Many, many thanks for all your care of me and support over the past year and a bit and throughout my cancer journey.?You gave us direction, courage, hope and lots of good paths to follow especially sending us to Japan and recommending a new oncologist and surgeon.?My husband and I are so very grateful. We can?t thank you enough.?As of May 2018 – Rachel remains well and cancer free.

Rachel’s Story: In January 2016 liver metastases were diagnosed along with multiple peritoneal nodes.

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December 2015 -Rachel presented with right upper quadrant tenderness. Subsequent CT diagnosed multiple liver lesions from 6 cm ovarian mass.

Jan 2016 -PET CT multiple metastatic deposits of the liver intrahepatic Metastatic Deposits (Segment 6 liver) and Peritoneal Metastases in the Pelvis.

January 2016 ? Grace suggested that to prepare for chemotherapy- she would request an opinion from Japanese immune therapy specialist. Rachel decided to pursue this approach and underwent pre-treatment with NK and DC vaccines with hyperthermia in Japan (Not drug based immune therapy ? but vaccines made from her own cells.)

1 February 2016 ? In Australia Rachel entered into a chemotherapy regimen of neo-adjuvant dose dense chemotherapy.

May 2016 ? Grace consulted the Japanese doctors again and it was suggested more NK and DC vaccines (with hyperthermia) in Japan? would be a significant contribution to recovery chances.

July 2016: Grace suggested Rachel consult a Brisbane oncology-gynaecology surgeon to explore option of a hysterectomy to remove uterus, fallopian tube and remaining ovary as well scope for any other cancers

(Notably in December 2015 surgery, only the left ovary was removed)

Post-treatment completion saw Rachel?s third visit to Asia to receive more immune therapy?.DC and NK cells (made from her own cells)? with hyperthermia. The outcome was exceptionally positive.

Prior to travelling overseas Rachel had considered a liver resection and major de-bulking surgery. However with the results of a recent PET CT scan and follow-up MRI since returning from Japan she had new options because all that remained was a solitary 5 mm residual tumour, which according to the Japanese doctors, may resolve as the others have done.?

?6. Janet – Advanced Metastatic Gallbladder Cancer ? diagnosed May 2016 – Queensland Australia

Janet’s husband ?”I feel so lucky that I clicked onto Grace’s name whilst doing a google search on behalf of my wife, Janet, ?who was diagnosed with advanced metastatic gallbladder cancer. * When I clicked onto her website, I immediately related to the mantra of ‘navigating the cancer maze’!?That was exactly what Janet and I needed. ?Grace immediately gave us new HOPE, VISION & DIRECTION?that we were sadly lacking at that stage of our journey!

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I was not prepared to accept the traditional oncology approach of ‘no other options than chemo.’

In my wife?s case, we were also told that chemo was not the cure!

Grace’s recommendation to consider a special immune therapy (not drug based) as a value add, in combination with chemotherapy, gave us renewed energy to move forward.?Within a?fortnight of her recommendation we were on a plane to consult with a world leader in immune therapy.

I fully believe that the immune therapy Janet received has been the XFACTOR in her recovery. Although this can never be proven, her poor prognosis prior to immune therapy, cannot be questioned.

We are true believers in what Grace Gawler achieves in her role as Cancer Navigator!

Grace explains Janet’s case:?On the 17/05/16 Janet was diagnosed with a malignancy of the gallbladder which involved the fundus infiltrating into segment 4 of the liver. There were adhesions of omentum with peritoneal seeding, proven on biopsy.?Palliative chemotherapy was given however this was to minimise or stabilise growth with little chance of eradication.

*Metastatic gallbladder cancer?- has a poor survival outcome (medium survival time of 4.8 months) especially without surgery. Janet has been declared tumour free by scans and internal biopsies that are negative for a malignancy. (Updated ? Feb 2019)

?7. Marianne -?Advanced Micro Papillary Breast Cancer with Bone Metastases ? diagnosed?Oct 2016 ? NSW Australia

Grace is the light in a sea of darkness for me. An angel brought into my life, she guided me through the complex process of obtaining effective cancer treatments overseas! Having been diagnosed in February 2014 with breast cancer, and having taken a number of alternative treatments working on a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level, I was given the all clear. ?However, in November 2016, I was diagnosed with a huge tumour in my breast which metastasised extensively into my bones.

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Well, I thought with all the work I had done I had conquered my fear of my mortality.? It came back in full force overshadowing me, with anxiety at an all time high.? After doing so much emotional work, I was shocked to see how much fear I still had.

I have avoided the medical system most of my life, as I never received clear answers for my ailments.? Fear surrounded me when it came to allopathic medicine.? Fear of diagnosis and treatment was overwhelming.

The immense, unbearable pain over two months lead me to succumb to see a doctor. Fear and pain had a hold of me! I felt defeated! My worst fears had come to realisation.? Test after test revealed my worst nightmare.

I feel so blessed to have been guided to Grace.? She has been pinnacle in transforming my fears of doom and gloom to hope.

Poor Grace.? Working diligently to keep me on course through the many times I wanted to bail ship!? Through her loving and caring nature, Grace was able to put me back on track.

I wanted to take any opportunity to deviate from this course, believing that alternative ways were the only way to full recovery, and also within my comfort zone.

Other treatments showed up for me to go off track from the path Grace was desperately trying to keep me on! So many supposedly great treatments out there that swear they cure cancer, all very believable when in such a fragile emotional state. ?From well meaning family and friends they are all legitimate in their belief that they work.

Unlike the path Grace leads you on, they are a one size fits all treatment for everyone. I definitely do not fit into the one-size fits all category, as revealed through the many tests Grace led me to have.

Grace steered me in the right direction each time with logical sound reasoning from her wealth of knowledge, understanding of other treatments out there and whether or not they will have any chance of being effective in my individual case.

Achieving great results requires a team effort which Grace co-ordinates so smoothly and professionally.

Every Skype call I have had with Grace so far has transformed my doubts, fears and anxiety to peace, hope and knowing that I am on the right track.

From the roller coaster three months since my diagnosis, I am now in a state of healing.? My health has already improved substantially and I am in a great emotional state, confident and at peace with the paths I am taking.

Since I met Grace (less than 3 months ago Oct 2016) I have gone from being debilitated with pain and suffering to living a normal pain-free healthy energized life on a healing path to optimal health that I have never experienced before.

My health issues began as a small child.? I have been managing them as best I can but until I met Grace I had no idea why I was having the unusual symptoms I experience.? Grace has not only worked out what triggered my health issues and cancer but also a path of healing them along with my cancer!

Grace explains: Invasive micro papillary carcinoma of the breast can be aggressive. It is rare and accounts for less than 1% of invasive breast cancers.

Marianne pursued alternative diagnostic procedures for some time which failed to diagnose her rare breast cancer type.

Before embarking on any treatment, Grace recommended a genomic test which was performed on her biopsy tissue. Fortunately, the test revealed, that chemotherapy was not appropriate and that hormone therapy alongside a new breast cancer treatment, would be more targeted to her cancer type.

Concurrently, Marianne was referred to an Asian expert for blood-based immune therapy and hyperthermia, both synergistic with the new treatment and hormone therapy.

Due to successful reduction of the main tumour mass in the breast and the disappearance of all but one bone metastases, Marianne is about to undertake her third trip for further treatment.

The goal is to reduce the tumour as much as possible before mastectomy. Her long-term outcome is looking favourable. Update Feb 2019 ? Marianne continues to do exceptionally well.

8. Elizabeth ? Advanced inoperable pancreatic cancer ? diagnosed?July 2016 – NSW Australia:

After losing 18 kg in two months I was diagnosed with cancer of the pancreas. Surgery was performed. The tumour was wrapped around the hepatic artery and therefore the surgeon had to leave some tumour behind.?This was followed by six months of chemotherapy.?Two months after the completion of chemotherapy, I received news that the tumour had regrown with two spots in my pancreas.

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I knew chemotherapy was not an option and nor was radiotherapy since pancreatic tumours are resistant to normal radiation.

I consulted with Grace Gawler and decided to travel to Asia for blood-based immune therapy and hyperthermia. While I was there, Grace organised for me to meet with a consultant professor from the proton therapy centre knowing his treatment might be applicable.

I was assessed and fortunately was found to be eligible. However, this meant I would need to stay in Japan for an extra three months to complete the treatment. I decided to go ahead.

After further? scans and consultations, I was told by the? Asian professor he believed my pancreatic cancer was curable with Proton Therapy.

Months later, the tumour had responded beautifully to the therapy and I returned home to Australia where I consulted my local radiation oncology professor.

He was delighted to see my results and wished me a long window of excellent quality of life. (Patient left our guidance and deceased 2018)

9. Gary – Hepatocellular Carcinoma ? advanced primary liver cancer -? March 2017 -?Canadian Patient?

My name is Gary,??I was diagnosed with severe advanced liver cancer in March of this year. Living in Canada I was given a year to live – probably less.?The prognosis was the unfortunate product of a public health system that applies to New Zealand and Australia as well.?All three countries have similar dismal records with this disease.?Knowing I was in trouble I started checking around.

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The US was just to expensive and it was quite scary as they started soliciting me when I made enquiries.?Fortunately after combing the internet I came across a cancer navigator. Never heard of one of those but it was the luckiest thing that ever happened to me.

The Grace Gawler Institute is a wonderful organisation that only have the patients needs in mind. Grace and Pip have searched the world to help people like me. Which is how I ended up in Japan.

They are leaders in the world in curing cancer. They are not scared of trying new treatments.Though TACE and RFA were promised to people in NZ, AU and Canada 17 years ago.It never eventuated due to budget constraints.

While receiving immunotherapy at Tokyo Grace organised for me to be put in touch with an expert on HCC carcinoma at a Japanese hospital. We can deal with that was their answer. Which is exactly what happened.

Japanese hospitals are a thing to behold their commitment to patient care is incredible. All through this process I had an angel on my shoulder in the form of Grace whose advice and care makes you realize you have somebody with you all the way. She makes sure you are getting the best treatment possible – she collaborates and orchestrates it all.

Grace insists on following up when treatment is finished? – as after care is almost as important as treatment to maintain a good result. Grace and Pip have been an absolute godsend even taking the extra step of supporting my wife through this traumatic experience.

This is the reason I feel I have an angel on my shoulder as I know I have them watching out for me. Even my cousin said when he found out what happened,”you found an angel didn’t you”. I totally agreed.

I would recommend The Grace Gawler Institute to anyone that asks. Because of them am looking at staying on this world for a lot more years to come.

Thank you Grace and Pip – Gary Howes?

10. Robert – Advanced Metastatic SCC parotid with lung metastases – 2013 – Perth, WA.

My? original diagnosis in 2013 showed a parotid tumour. I had a neck dissection diagnosed with SCC with mets in lung. PET CT showed avid nodules. The prognosis was poor.?Grace Gawler, from the Grace Gawler Institute, organised for me to visit Japan for immune therapy in September 2015 after previous surgery, chemotherapy and radiation failed to halt progression of my metastases. Remarkably I only went once and the benefit was huge.

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Forward to November 2017 ? Still well. I went to the oncologist who called me the ‘miracle man’.?That sort of thing makes me nervous!??I don?t believe in miracles.

But I do believe that Grace Gawler put me in touch with the best cancer immune therapist and that his work is brilliant. Grace has continued to advise me after my return.

For that and all your support; my wife and son thank Grace most sincerely.? I think, too, that I have made and am making an effort with my lifestyle change.

The oncology registrar I spoke to said she has seen about 7 or 8 long term survivors with what I’ve got, which she described as nasty and aggressive.? I asked her what common threads had she seen among these survivors.

If anything, it was that they all pursued sustained physical endurance exercise. ?This was interesting for me, because, unwittingly in regard to my case, I do a lot of endurance training.

However; the oncology registrar had no experience with the immune therapies I received so he could not credit them.

2017 – I had genomic testing on my original cancer tissue and it proved the oncologist right; how serious and aggressive the cancer had been! Again, thanks so much. Update Feb 2019 – Robert remains very fit? and well and cancer free. We recently advised him to have cyberknife in WA – Feb 2019


11. Ngareta – Advanced (local spread) Rectal Adeno Carcinoma – 2017 – Sunshine Coast, Qld?

I cannot recommend Grace highly enough. Because of her, I’m now cancer-free. I was diagnosed last December, and didn’t know what to do. Luckily I found Grace, and I signed up for a cancer navigation package. I was totally opposed to having medical treatment, but she convinced me that that was the right way to go.

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I had chemo/radiation for 6 weeks, meanwhile I was supported by Grace with herbal & nutritional supplements. This made the whole experience much more tolerable, and now the cancer has gone! Under her guidance I’m on my way overseas shortly to get an amazing immune treatment, so it never returns. Grace is the best! UPDATE: May 2018 – Ngareta maintains good health – especially notable is the lack of nasty side effects common with this cancer type.??

12. Karen -?stage IV Nodal Marginal Zone Non-Hodgkins lymphoma – Oct 2017 – Darwin, Australia

In October 2017, I was diagnosed with Stage IV Nodal Marginal Zone Non-Hodgkin?s lymphoma. A mouthful I know! My NHL is one of over 40 different types of lymphoma. Mine is a very rare one and there is currently no treatment available for me. I am on what the Doctor?s call a ?watch and wait?, with my Haematologist checking me every 4 months for symptoms.This means that I wait until it gets worse and I start to display symptoms then they will do chemotherapy treatment.

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I was advised by my Doctor that he will treat me with the chemo used to treat patients with Follicular lymphoma as that is all that is available for me. My symptoms may present in 1 year or 10 years, they don?t know.

This, like any cancer diagnosis was and is devastating. I have two young children and I have been told I have this disease, go home, live healthy, go back to work and get on with your life. My Doctor said, ?It?s just bad luck.?

I felt quite hopeless and without any control over my situation, I didn’t even understand it and I didn?t want to search the internet. I was fortunate enough to find a book called ?From cancer Good Things Grow? written by Jeffrey Deslandes. He had Follicular lymphoma and is now cured because of immunotherapy treatment from his own immune cells.

I contacted Grace to discuss immunotherapy and vaccines because I believed it would help me as it had done for Jeffrey Deslandes. I was aware that the treatment was not offered in Australia. After my first skype with Grace my husband and I both felt a sense of calm wash over us after all of the chaos. Grace sent me research papers, answered my questions, organised a second opinion at short notice and other testing. Grace is knowledgeable, caring and helps to make you feel supported and empowered.

We paid for the navigation package ($1400) which, included a number of skypes (1hr in duration), numerous emails and assistance. We always felt better after talking to her. Grace made arrangements for me to go to Asia for immunotherapy in just under 6 weeks after my first skype with her.

I had excellent treatment in Asia with an amazing Doctor and his team. I was in Asia for just over 1 month for the treatment. I felt good going to the clinic and I couldn?t wait to go back each visit. It had positive effects on me both physically and mentally.

I am now on a monitoring package with Grace to keep in touch re pharmaceuticals, results and my next visit to Asia for treatment. I cannot recommend Grace highly enough. Update: Karen is well and being managed to stay clear – Feb 2019

13. Mark -?stage IV advanced breast cancer (Male) with lung mets – Brisbane, Australia -?June 2018?

I was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2006. I had a mastectomy and chemo. My cancer came back in 16 lymph nodes and both lungs. Australia had nothing new or promising to offer. They just gave me time and said I had a hard road ahead of me.

So my wife started a Google search and came across Grace’s website. We joined a Survive & Thrive Cancer Navigaton Package. We have been dealing with Grace now for 5 years and I am doing extremely well.

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With Grace’s Cancer Navigation Package, Grace collaborates with various overseas doctors on our behalf, advising and monitoring all treatments in great detail and consistency.
Grace also arranges extensive genomic testing on your specific type of cancer which has never been offered to us previously.
This would all be an impossible task for us to do as we do not have the experience or knowledge that Grace has.
Grace has become a close friend to us now and I would not be where I am today if it wasn’t for all her hard work in finding the best successful treatments for me. I would highly recommend Grace to anyone trying to navigate the difficult cancer maze. Update: Feb 2019 Mark is exceptionally well. His immune system & bloods are in excellent shape.?

14. Weston -?stage IV?Metastatic small bowel adenocarcinoma? – New Zealand – June 2018

July 13th 2017 I was diagnosed with Metastatic small bowel adenocarcinoma with mucinous features that was not curable. Very little is known on this cancer and I believe there are only about 3500 cases globally so does not attract a lot of research dollars or time.
Treatment recommended was palliative to try and extend life and quality of life. Chemo (as they do for other bowel/colon cancers) was recommended. They gave me months not years. I have always had a fear of putting chemo drugs into my system.

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I thought there must be something else out there in the world that is worth trying having worked for research based company?s for many years making recommendations only on products or management practises that had proven results through extensive trials.
This was when I made contact with Grace Gawler (Cornall) from Grace Gawler Institute and took up a Navigation package which helps patients wade through the maze of choices offered out there these days and the endless offerings on DR Google. A lot of the choices are not good for you, be extremely careful on what you take. The contact recommendation was from a family friend who knew someone who was receiving treatment in Japan for cancer and was being managed and guided through the process by the Grace Gawler Institute.
All people and cancers are certainly not the same, one recommendation certainly doesn?t fit all situations, ? so many different opinions?, ?what should I do?, ?what is the next step?, ?what is the motive of their recommendation?, all these questions come to mind, ?who can I ask? and many more.
This is where Grace from the Grace Gawler Institute with so many years of experience in the cancer field has been so helpful in assisting my family and I to make decision on what I should do, always giving the hope that anything is possible. Grace really does care.
I am on my second trip to Japan for AIET treatment now, I certainly aren?t cured yet, may never be but like all good works, they take time.
Written 6/06/2018 – (Patient deceased early 2019)

15. Patrick – Stage IV Advanced Metastatic Prostate Cancer – No surgery possible – Darwin Australia- June 2018??

Hi – I am 53 year old Male who 6 months ago was diagnosed with stage 4 prostate cancer and yes spread to bone, local doctors were grim, and happy to put me through the ringer straight away without further questions asked, although I was shocked I felt I needed time evaluate and seek other opinions moving forward. After weeks of research I sought the survivors across the web, and every time I searched, Grace Gawler came up in my search.

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To be clear to all , I had a PSA of 144 when first diagnosed and then after all the prodding around and tests my PSA was now 177 after biopsy that was, so in the oncologist eyes and to the majority it was not great, fortunately on my continued search and determination to find something alternative , so after a major change of life style , diet, drinking, smoking removed , exercise , new diet and new improved attitude with meditation and no stress added to my life.

I decided to contact Grace, this is where my journey was amplified upwards for the better that is 🙂 ,Grace made me feel at ease, with her relaxed , yet compassionate and positive outlook, Grace evaluated my results and set upon supporting me and my partner moving forward, now after 7 months since my diagnoses , I have been to Japan and completed treatment Immune therapy, and Hyperthermia. Along with quality supplements that I continue to take, Grace has given me continued support and my journey continues, while I can tell you, I feel the best I have felt in 30 years, my bloods are all normal, and best of all my PSA is near un-detectable.

I often wonder if I did not find Grace where would I be now, I chose no chemo, I chose no Radiation , I choose life and Grace has been an integral part in supporting my choices.

I highly recommend Grace and also Pip who does all the back ground organising, I look forward to meeting them both in person soon and giving them both a big hug and thank you. I can tell you that when I speak with GRACE she listens, when I speak with my Oncologist he looks at me if I am crazy, but the results speak for themselves) thank you Grace once again xxx Patrick. Update: Patrick is fit & well. Feb 2019. Being advised for next followup treatment.

16. Saving Face – John – Orbital Cancer-Eye, Feb 2016 – Sydney, Australia.

A?high profile NSW man, contacted the Grace Gawler Institute just two days before his scheduled surgery at a reputable Sydney hospital. They were about remove his eye socket & upper facial quadrant.?He was extremely distressed knowing he faced a rigorous 5 month recovery affecting his quality of life. Given the urgency of his situation, within hours of his Skype call, Grace consulted her international medical network for a second opinion. Before long his scans & reports were sent to renowned eye cancer experts in Germany & Japan. A lengthy dialogue with many email exchanges followed.

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The experts discussed best treatment options for John and suggested a plan of treatment. Although the Germans could have done the treatments they suggested their Japanese colleagues were equally skilled and being closer to Australia the Japan choice made more sense. He cancelled his surgery and in a few days flew to Japan where we helped him access a high-tech treatment with a world expert in an accredited hospital in Japan. He also had the cell-based immune therapies common to all the patients above. He had zero to mild side-effects and experienced successful treatment of the tumour. He retains his eye and upper facial quadrant and is tumour clear Oct 23 – 2017 ( written by Pip Cornall director of the institute) Update: John is well and receiving a targeted treatment. 2019

17. Melanie – Stage IV Advanced Mestastatic Ewings Sarcoma – Darwin, Australia

On the 10th of August 2016, my GP advised me that I had a large mass in my pelvic area. This followed six months of acute back pain and then swelling of my right thigh to 73 cm.?The six weeks that followed involved, a 2 week hospital stay, loss of my bladder function, discovery of a deadly blood clot, the loss of movement in my right foot due to tumour related nerve damage, numerous CT & MRI?s scans, plus several consultations with surgeons, specialists, radiologist, oncologist and general medical staff discussing an inoperable pelvic tumour, the possibility of surgery to remove my right leg, palliative radiation, mixed in with a vocabulary of medical words never heard before.

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This crazy roller coaster ride of emotional stress ended with an email from one of the surgical specialists stating, if I made Christmas my family should be happy.
Then a miracle happened, a friend of my brothers’ hooked us up to The Grace Gawler Institute.

My first contact was a 1/2 hr Skype with Grace. Grace has managed several medical conditions of her own, she understands the complex medical maze.

It is Grace?s huge amount of research, extensive national/international medical network and meticulous attention to detail that saw me hold off on palliative radiation, explore a pre chemo targeted drug in Singapore at the International Cancer Centre as it was not available in Australia.

Importantly, Grace influenced a re diagnosis after 5 months through Genomics Testing, then guided me to a successful international treatment program in Japan which included Proton Beam Therapy and Cancer Vaccines.

As I plan my third post diagnosis Christmas with both feet firmly on the ground my family is for ever grateful that Grace entered our lives 6 weeks after the chaos started. Stage 4 is an individual process, main stream just doesn?t cut it. (Patient deceased late 2018)


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The following patients did not have the benefit of blood or tissue-based cancer vaccines but their testimonials demonstrate the role of a cancer navigator/patient advocate guiding them through the complex cancer maze.

Ged, Leiomyosarcoma & Liver Metastases & Bladder Cancer – UK, diagnosed Oct 2015?

Since diagnosis ?with a rare cancer approximately 12 months ago, Grace has been ?expertly guiding us through the “local and overseas cancer maze”, providing us with options when at times it seemed that there were none.

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We have been incredibly impressed ?with ?the guidance and support Grace has offered.

She has been able to advise on everything from the latest treatments available world wide, to diet, supplements and so much more.

Grace has ensured that when we attend various appointments with consultants we are ?well armed with the necessary questions to ask.

She works tirelessly on behalf of her clients to research and explore possibilities and avenues which are outside the ‘ box’.

Her ?vast experience in dealing with cancer patients and their families, her depth of knowledge and her contacts with doctors from around the world means that we have confidence that no stone has been left unturned in trying to find and access the most appropriate treatments wherever they may be.

She is able to do this because of the time, effort and energy she puts into her research which is thorough and painstaking and ultimately benefits all of her clients.

We are extremely grateful and appreciative of all that she does. Ged is still fighting on 17/10/17

Steve – Father of 10 year old boy with Brain Cancer – Australia Nov 2016

In August 2015 our family was dealt the cruellest blow. Our beautiful, loving life 9 year old son was diagnosed with a malignant brain tumour. Life as we knew it changed immediately.

The medical profession does not provide what you would expect in this situation.

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We learnt at a rapid rate that we were steering this ship not the hospital.

If you do not learn / acquire an in depth knowledge of this complex medical condition you are in real trouble.

My life?s mission was to find a solution. I contacted Grace Gawler and was pleasantly surprised by a truly tenacious drive to find the solution to a condition that was continually met with closed doors.

Grace opened the doors to some treatment options that have increased my depth of knowledge to make smarter decisions.

She truly provides what the medical profession should provide. Thank you Grace for providing a direction in what can easily be a directionless situation.

Camilla – Cancer of the Saecum, Liver & Lung Metastases – UK – Diagnosed Oct 2013?

When you receive the diagnosis of cancer, you feel as though you are falling into an abyss with nothing to cling onto…..but then you find Grace!

My oncologist gave me no hope.? He offered chemotherapy but and I was told “we will keep you as well as we can for a long as we can”. ?I was?41 with a husband and four children; this was definitely not the news I wanted to hear. ?It was then that we found Grace.

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Through her, I have received treatment under the world renowned?Professor Vogl in Germany, I have been on an excellent and well researched supplement programme and Grace is working on our next move.

With her medical contacts around the globe, there are many options which you may not have thought possible.

Grace’s possess such a vast knowledge, whenever we have a query or I am feeling a certain way, physically or emotionally, she hits on the cause and has a solution.

My care under the health system in the UK has been limited. ?It would be very easy to become despondent?but Grace NEVER allows me or Robert to feel that way.

She speaks of my “recovery”, a word which we never thought would apply to me three years ago. ?She is a true lifeline. UPDATE: Camilla is still fighting on Oct 2017

Beth – Gastric Cancer – Jan 2016

Thank you Grace for bringing a new perspective to our family’s life-changing challenge as we deal with mother, wife and daughter-in-law Beth’s metastatic gastric cancer. You’ve contributed in your straightforward and generous way, invaluable information that’s given us completely new directions to explore, adding a very special element to the incredible support of an ever-increasing group of therapists and clinicians.

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Thank you for the dedication and commitment over decades that has led to the depth of knowledge, experience and insight that’s helping us right now and has encouraged and sustained so many others over the years. You’ve given us food for thought, provided practical advice and touched our hearts – brilliant combination. You are so appreciated!

Fairlie Dec 2015 – Breast Cancer

Grace is the ?missing link? in the complex world of multi-disciplinary cancer management and treatment. Her ability to see the whole landscape of treatment and care options both nationally and internationally is unparalleled! As someone with a recent breast cancer diagnosis, she has been invaluable in assisting me with unpacking and interpreting the myriad of differing opinion that is out there.

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Her depth of knowledge, broad experience base and her compassionate character, coupled with her intellectually curious and rigorous nature; make her an anomaly in the field.

She is one of the few cancer practitioners that is able to integrate the many disciplines and protocols to come up with an individualised approach to a patients care that considers all their needs, medical, emotional, spiritual and nutritional. She does all this with a no nonsense pragmatism that engenders her patients with a sense of empowerment that is difficult to feel at a time like this.

Her ability to bring together and collaborate with experts and practitioners from so many fields and geographical regions is a gift and I have no doubt her work will go a long way to improving the fractured nature of cancer treatment in the future.

The only problem as I see it is?..we need more like her, the demand for her services is far outstripped by her ability to meet the enormous and growing need for holistic, evidence based cancer treatment and care.

David Anastasi, Northern NSW, Head & Neck Cancer, 2012

If you have experienced the medical inadequacies such as the long overdue return phone calls, the lack of bedside manners, the feeling of having no control or input as to your outcome, let Grace guide you out of that minefield of disappointments, as she has for me.

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Grace will not only steer you onto the right path of treatment but recommend the best doctors. These doctors are surprisingly like Grace. They genuinely care for your well being, you are treated as a person who needs to be helped back onto the road of recovery. Grace is continually there behind the scenes organising doctors and specialists on your behalf and always calling or emailing you to keep you informed. Until I met Grace I?ve had one and a half years of misdiagnoses, false hopes, severe pain and had lost sense of all direction. Now after 2 weeks with Grace my prognosis is promising, my pain is under control, my life is salvageable, all directly due to Grace and her team. I am ever so grateful. Author’s update – David is alive and thriving well Dec 2015

Joanne – Pacific Pines, Qld – Reactive Arthritis & Fibro Myalgia – June 2015

Grace Gawler is passionate about health and empathetic about working with what I could manage. She was very knowledgeable about test results and turning them into a treatment program that is working for me.

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I am also in a much better frame of mind with more energy and dramatically improved mobility. This occurred within 2 weeks of starting on Grace and Dr Bruce Whelan’s treatment plan and continues to improve.Together with Dr Whelan, Grace has taken the time to listen and investigate my concerns thoroughly, leaving no stone unturned and along with frequent correspondence I feel confidently supported during this journey of better health. I?ve finally found a treatment plan that is building up my health from the foundations upwards. Instead of being given immunosuppressant medication along with a cocktail of other medicines by a Rheumatologist which had little effect, I now have a plan that is working for me, most of which includes natural medicine. I can?t recommend Grace and Dr Whelan highly enough. My expectations were very much met.

Marnie 2015 – Early stage Breast Cancer:

“I had the good fortune to find Grace Gawler and Dr Bruce Whelan through Grace’s book “Women of Silence” that was recommended to me by a friend shortly after my breast cancer diagnosis in September 2014.

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My first consultation with Dr Whelan and Grace Gawler was within a few weeks of my diagnosis. I, like many newly diagnosed patients had made numerous appointments with ” Dr Google “and had been lured into exploring “alternative” treatments for my cancer, as well as having embarked on radical diet changes.

In that consultation with Grace and Dr Whelan, I soon was made aware of the dangerous nature of some of these “alternative” treatments that are not based on any scientific evidence.

It is difficult to put into words the immediate difference in the way I viewed not only the journey in front of me, but the reassurance that I felt that there was now a ‘buffer zone’ between myself and the doctors and hospital system.

Someone to talk to about treatment decisions and options (very important). Someone who remembers your name without looking at a piece of paper or a computer screen and someone as knowledgeable about cancer treatment as anyone else in the hospital system.

The absolute professionalism and intelligence that both Dr Whelan and Grace possess gives you the confidence and piece of mind that you need to place your trust, your life, in their care.

I was transformed from someone dealing with a diagnosis, stumbling through ‘Dr Google’s’ tangled web, into someone who was relieved and confident that I had found the help I needed to assist me along my treatment journey.

Grace makes herself always available for advice along the way, in a very personal way that makes you feel comfortable to email her about even the smallest things. She very soon feels more like a friend which I feel can be lacking in conventional care.

There is no other person I think that could come close to Grace in her manner, knowledge, enthusiasm and experience. The ‘grace’ that she has in the way that she presents herself in her dealings with people is truly unique.

The gift that she gives to cancer patients and their families during the most difficult times of their lives is one wrapped by her helping hands. I look forward to a long relationship with Grace Gawler her partner Pip and Doctor Whelan long into survivorship and beyond. ‘ Marnie Rose. QLD, Australia – Update – May 2018 – Grace and I attended Marnie’s 50th birthday – she look great.”

Rona in the UK Says –

I haven’t met anyone else who has Grace’s empathy and honesty, depth and breadth of information and level of commitment to her clients. I feel I can trust her advice because she has my well-being at heart and wants the best results for me. Even after my initial treatments in Europe, Grace kept in touch and followed-up and supported me when I got home and was going through the toughest times. I feel I have a friend for life. If you are overwhelmed by information about cancer treatments, have questions about what you should do next, or feel you have run out of options, please contact her. 2013

Stuart M – Rural Victoria

In Stuart’s case we referred him for treaments overseas which reduced his tumour size enabling surgery to be successfully undertaken back in Australia – not previously possible.” Pip Cornall
Stuart recalls: “Friday September 7, 2012? possibly the worst day of mine and my family?s life.

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This is the day it was discovered via an ultra sound on my left testicle (conducted due to a varicose seal), that I had a left kidney solid mass of 13x14x12 cm as well as defined liver lesion noted, size in sector 6/7 6x6x5cm and mass left liver lobe 11x8x10 cm. In a state of complete disbelief I contacted my wife at her work. Our world as we knew it was about to alter forever.

The subsequent months were spent diagnosing and discovering that I had the rare, Adrenal Cortical Carcinoma that originated from the left adrenal gland, and spread to the left kidney, the liver and into various points in my bone. The long term prognosis was very poor with life expectancy, less than a year.

Under the direction of a Melbourne oncologist I undertook a very aggressive combination of oral and systemic chemotherapy for a period of 5 months. The aim was for a 6 month chemo cycle, however, my body was desecrated by the fifth month. I had gone from 93kg to 68kg. I was then diagnosed as ?terminal? and told ?to go home and get my affairs in place?. The ultimate words no one ever wants to hear.

When all seemed at its bleakest, when there seemed little hope; my wife discovered our light, our hope, our possibility, our chance, through the Grace Gawler Institute.

There are not enough words to describe this amazingly intelligent and positive woman. She saw possibilities when the Australian oncology system saw none.

My wife and I organized through Grace?s assistance, the forwarding of all current oncology, blood tests, CT and PET scans to be reviewed by a European clinic. A plan was made for my cancer treatment. This included a blood test to determine my genetic chemo-sensitivity to my particular cancer. My wife and I travelled to Europe and left behind our two teenagers in Australia to fend for themselves.

The main cancer treatment was conducted in Frankfurt, with Professor Thomas Vogl, or as some referred to him, God. This man has perfected the art of T.A.C.E. This targeted chemotherapy treatment was aimed at the tumors in my adrenal gland and liver. I undertook three such T.A.C.E. treatments during my stay in Germany. Grace has a close relationship with Prof Vogl, regarded by many as the more experienced in the world for TACE and other Methods.

On return to Australia we then had the difficulty of establishing a new oncology team to take on my difficult rare cancer.

Summary: So, in Australia in April I was diagnosed as ?inoperable A.C.C.?, I spent the month of May-June in Europe at the Clinic, and in September, an Australian surgeon in Sydney believed that I was a good possibility of having my tumors resected. All the medical team in Sydney could not believe my good level of health and wellbeing. In short, they could not believe that I was still alive. I believe this was largely due to my treatment in Europe.

On September 16, 2013 I underwent successful surgery that removed all adrenal, kidney and liver tumors from my body. The surgical team were extremely satisfied with my surgery and quick recovery, having only spent two weeks in hospital post- surgery.

The Grace Gawler Institute and their partnership with oveseas clinics of excellence have provided me with the medical treatment that enabled me to survive and thrive.”

UPDATE: Aug 10 – 2015. Although his illness has brought challenges, Stuart continues to survive and thrive.

Dearest Grace, I cannot express how much of a positive input you had on both mum and I during this challenging season of our lives.

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I wanted to let you know how charming, sincere and genuinely kind we both found you.
It is a rare and lovely surprise to find someone such as yourself who tirelessly serves those who find themselves on this journey, and I wanted to express our deepest thanks to you.
Blessings, Carolyn Collins and Janni Hay.

Other testimonial categories…

Grace Gawler Skype ConsultationsA word from Grace Gawler…

I meet some amazing people through my work with cancer patients.

It is an honour and a serious responsibly to assist patients and families as they navigate the complexities of the cancer maze.

This page features true testimonials and I know they will offer great hope and inspiration….



From Pip Cornall – Co-Director of the Grace Gawler Institute..

Pip CornallAfter a consultation with Grace about 90% of first time patients say…
“I wish I had found you sooner. “

Many had advanced tumour volume, had failed conventional treatments or had previously tried ‘one-size-fits-all’ treatments they found on Dr Google. Some were advised by friends or ‘natural practitioners’ without cancer experience.

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We began our cancer navigation service to help people like them who were lost in the alternative medicine maze. I urge you to contact Grace and be one of the patients who say, ” I’m so glad I found you sooner.”

Pip’s Audio Testimonial – Recorded early 2015 – Grace’s work was saving/extending patient lives with such consistency that in 2007 I stopped my work with boys in Juvenile Prisons (Oregon, USA) to support her efforts. In 2010 we foundered the charity – the Grace Gawler Institute