Prostate Cancer Survivor Testimonials.

Testimonial Ethics:

All Grace Gawler Institute testimonials are medically verifiable. To protect patient privacy, names and photos are omitted. Some patients had long and difficult journeys and ultimately succumbed to their illness. To honour their tenacity, even though they are no longer with us, we are currently constructing a special page where their stories can live on. (coming soon)

Long Term Survivors tell their Stories:

Primary and ?metastatic prostate cancer at first diagnosis 2011

Craig, Qld

I was 43 when diagnosed with prostate cancer. At the time of diagnosis, my PSA was over 100. The cancer had already metastasised from my prostate; several lymph nodes were involved and there were spots detected in my ribs. I was told that control and not cure was the objective and that because of my age; the cancer was overly aggressive. Life changed dramatically that day.

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I had extensive radiotherapy to my pelvis; Zoledex and a series of different anti-hormone therapies followed over the years. I also tried various complementary medicines. I kept the cancer at bay sometimes for short periods and sometimes for longer periods.

But in 2017 I had a crippling pain flare up in my ribs. It was then I sought help from the Grace Gawler Institute?s Grace Gawler. She helped me to organise a genomic test via an oncologist. The results shed light on damaged DNA that was driving the cancer to grow. Grace prescribed some complementary meds and recommended I visit the Institute?s preferred cancer immunologist in Japan for cell based immune therapy, which I did. I also began bone strengthening drugs with a monthly infusion and then had targeted radiation to ribs. All this was followed up with new hormonal management. Grace and her experts made a plan that enabled me to action a plan that used a combination of strategized treatments. Grace added some vital missing links into my original plan, and it was those missing links that made a difference to my outcome. I have been monitored since 2017 and remain in good health.


It is now 2020 and I have remained pain free and cancer free according to blood tests and scans. It has not been a simple recovery and I am ever vigilant with my medical follow up visits.

Stage IV Advanced Metastatic Prostate Cancer – No surgery possible

Patrick. Darwin – Long Term Survivor – June 2018??

Hi – I am 53 year old Male who 6 months ago was diagnosed with stage 4 prostate cancer and yes spread to bone, local doctors were grim, and happy to put me through the ringer straight away without further questions asked, although I was shocked I felt I needed time evaluate and seek other opinions moving forward. After weeks of research I sought the survivors across the web, and every time I searched, Grace Gawler came up in my search.

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To be clear to all , I had a PSA of 144 when first diagnosed and then after all the prodding around and tests my PSA was now 177 after biopsy that was, so in the oncologist eyes and to the majority it was not great, fortunately on my continued search and determination to find something alternative , so after a major change of life style , diet, drinking, smoking removed , exercise , new diet and new improved attitude with meditation and no stress added to my life.

I decided to contact Grace, this is where my journey was amplified upwards for the better that is 🙂 ,Grace made me feel at ease, with her relaxed , yet compassionate and positive outlook, Grace evaluated my results and set upon supporting me and my partner moving forward, now after 7 months since my diagnoses , I have been to Japan and completed treatment Immune therapy, and Hyperthermia. Along with quality supplements that I continue to take, Grace has given me continued support and my journey continues, while I can tell you, I feel the best I have felt in 30 years, my bloods are all normal, and best of all my PSA is near un-detectable.

I often wonder if I did not find Grace where would I be now, I chose no chemo, I chose no Radiation , I choose life and Grace has been an integral part in supporting my choices.

I highly recommend Grace and also Pip who does all the back ground organising, I look forward to meeting them both in person soon and giving them both a big hug and thank you. I can tell you that when I speak with GRACE she listens, when I speak with my Oncologist he looks at me if I am crazy, but the results speak for themselves) thank you Grace once again xxx Patrick. Update: Patrick is fit & well. Feb 2019. Being advised for next followup treatment.